Bounce House Rentals in Rhode Island

Bounce House Rentals in EIBouncy houses make any kid’s party a huge success.  So before you call rent, here are some important tips.

Safety first

Safety is of utmost importance and therefore it cannot be ignored. Bouncy houses are specifically designed for children of a certain age. You should ensure that all safety standards are observed.


Ask the bouncy house provider about the quality of the equipment. It should be in compliance with all Rental bounce house material standards. In order to ensure safety, it should be made from commercial quality plastic.


Bouncy houses come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The wide variety enables people to choose one that best fit their event theme. This is vital for thematic events such as a birthday party.


This is a must have! Make sure the rental company is licensed and insured. This is sign that the company stands by its products and services.

Size of event location

Bouncy houses can be quite enormous. Find out how much space you can dedicate to the bounce house in order to decide which bounce house you need to rent. Make sure to ask for the dimensions of the bouncy house.


All bouncy houses must be properly sterilized before and after use. Additionally, the equipment provided by the inflatable rental company must be in good condition and thoroughly cleaned. This is a good way of avoiding severe illnesses.

Size of bouncy house

The bouncy house must be big enough to accommodate all the children in attendance. Therefore, size is important. However, overcrowding the bouncy house affects its durability and it can even be damaged causing harm to the children inside it. Therefore, besides ensuring that you acquire a bounce house that will accommodate all children, it is also vital to consider the number of children in the bounce house at every particular time.

Supervision & rules

Kids can bounce quite hard especially when they are having fun. Therefore the number of children in the house must be controlled in order to reduce the chances of sudden pandemonium or even injury. Get a responsible person to keep an eye on the bounce house.

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